is a company of young, vibrant, friendly and highly experienced Professionals serving the tourism & entertainment industries in KSA by covering a
wide range of adventures on land, sea and air.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s                       , We aim at building the country’s culture by taking its breathtaking natural beauty and helping people experience it with international quality standards, amazing customer experiences and above all, a safe environment for all of our adventurers.
We haven’t finished yet! We also offer private excursions for the discerning adventure seekers who feel they need a little more exclusivity.


We started out in 2017 as a group of passionate divers exploring the seven seas, but the adventure seekers within drove us to push our limits and take on the desert sands!
We then created a community of thrill seekers and quickly grew into the market using a strategic lean approach.


We are what we love most, and our passion for adventure is deeply rooted in our culture.

Safety and trust:

You can’t always be safe in Mother Nature's arms, that's why we always take every precaution to ensure our adventurers can trust us with their well-being.


We are constantly on the lookout for new adventures and new ways to make every experience better, smarter and cooler.

The reason why we love exploring our world is because it is truly

breathtaking, and we intend to keep it that way.



Abdulrahman Al Saati

The Visionary


Ahmad Saeed

The Enthusiast


Mohannad Batarfi

The Passionate

Jeddah Main Branch

Prince Saud Al Faisal St.

Ar Rawdah 23441

U-Shape Center, West Building, 3rd floor

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+966 541 595 303

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